It will be the policy of our administration to act in the best interests of the people of the City of Buffalo. To that end, we will take wise counsel from our Seneca heritage; we will consider the consequences of our actions for future generations; we will order our steps in a manner suitable for the sustainable development of our city and region.

To achieve consensus on these matters we will listen and speak together, we will come to be of one mind, not perhaps without disagreement, but always with consideration. We propose to advocate for and adhere to, the following policies:


It will be the policy of this administration to conduct all of its affairs in an honest and forthright manner with maximum openness and transparency.


  • Honest - we believe that the public is entitled to consistent administrative process without taint of special interest, cronies, or corruption - we will not staff based on promises of patronage.
  • Efficient - best practices, then better - should be our motto - to provide the greatest possible benefit with the best use of our resources
  • Accountable - responsibility is an essential component in a well-run organization.
  • Vision & Values - Our vision for the future should be grounded in sound values and a clear understanding of what we hope to achieve - it should be expansive.
  • You - with everyone working together to achieve a better city, we can all have a safer, higher quality environment.

It seems a heavy lift, but as the old adage says "many hands make light work"; our task, though considerable, is straightforward and uncomplicated - we will comply with the spirit and letter of the law - first, as a baseline, then we will modernize our approach to governance and work smartly not just work hard.

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